Check out how to make these cool, but also effective sound absorption panels for your studio!

Keith Richard’s best Guitar Solo? In this videolesson we learn how to play Keith Richards’ Guitar Solo in Star Star by The Rolling Stones and

Chord Melody Style For those about to rock: In this video, we only strum chords gently….  Just kidding. We learn how play the beautiful Bluesette by

Gibson SG Deluxe - 1972

From bare body/neck to factory LOOK ! Lately I had my 1972 Gibson SG Deluxe restored by Gary De Clercq, a luthier based in Utrecht.

Fiat X1/9 - Serie Speciale 1978

When you’re an idiot like me, who just likes to figure out everything yourself, bleeding the Fiat X1/9’s clutch system can be challenging...

Aldo Spadaro - Live

Online guitar lessons, to help improving your guitarskills. We work on core elements such as improvisation, technique, music theory and sound!

Aldo Spadaro's Fender Princeton Reverb

The Fender Princeton Reverb, my absolute favourite. It always works, in recording as well as live! I use it most of the time, and here's why

Gibson Les Paul Junior 1959 - Aldo Spadaro

gitaarles in Nijmegen Op zoek naar Gitaarles in Nijmegen?  Wil je goed kunnen improviseren,   die muziektheorie snappen,    en die geweldige sound uit jouw gitaar

In this video lesson, we'll learn all about Mick Taylor's epic guitar solo in Sway by the Rolling Stones.