How to play The Guitar solo in Two Princes by The Spindoctors

In this video, we’ll fully discuss this fun solo note by note, we learn how to play it exactly like the record and get to understand why it sounds so much fun!


Eric Schenkman
Eric Schenkman

For those who grew up with rock in the 90’s must have listened to this over and over. The solo in 2 Princes by The Spindoctors always came across as something different! 

In this video tutorial we’ll find out why this solo by Eric Schenkman sounds and feel the way it does! We’ll not only learn how to play the solo note by note, but we also analyze the lines against the chords in the progression. This helps you to understand the ideas and use them for your own solo’s and improvisation.


Eric Schenkman cleverly combined pentatonic rock playing with the usage of notes of the chords in the progression, making it stand out of many other solos in the realm of modern rock and roll. It feels playful and fun to listen too. Not too serious, yet powerful.

Lesson MaterialS

Get your printable transcription guitar TAB and practice backingtrack here:

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