How To Play Greenlight Girl By Doyle Bramhall II

In this video we learn how to play the guitar solo in Greenlight Girl by Doyle Bramhall II. We’ll also take a look at the sound I used for the track in the intro with a pretty surprising and crazy recording rig!

Transcribing This Cool Solo

Yeah, I knew I would end up making a video on this cool solo at some point in time. It belongs to my favorites in the realm of modern era Rock and Roll! Now that I’ve decided to dedicate more time and effort to music content making, I thought transcribing this solo despite it’s plain pentatonic blues-rock statements would be nice. So hell yeah man, please enjoy!

Lesson Materials

You’ll find the guitar TAB transcription on my BMAC page. Pay what you want, or with buying me coffee you’ll greatly support my efforts as a content creator, and improve my act!



In this video I’ll go over this solo note by note as I usually do. Next to that I’ll explain how the sounds are made using the very compact traveling recording rig I took with me on my journey of content creating bliss. It’s extremely fun to use and it’s quite remarkable that a rig like that can be used to create that sound, the old fashioned way! It feels like a real amp, because it is! Click on the Recording Rig at 4:31 or HERE


The way Doyle Bramhall II sounds always came across as a little bit different in the realm of the modern Jimi Hendrix inspired guitarists. This is due to the fact that he plays his guitar upside down. 

That creates those typical Albert King kind of bending sounds. Pulling the notes physically away whilst going up in pitch. It feels somewhat different to the listening ear and I think it sounds fantastic. 

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