Silverface Princeton Reverb Overhaul

In this video we’ll do a full service on a 1976 Fender Princeton Reverb. 

The amp turns out to be bone stock and in pretty good shape. To make this iconic amp a reliable daily driver amp, we need to replace the electrolytic capacitors, output tubes and make sure it has good bias. We do end up replacing the tube sockets for the rectifier and output tubes due to excessive play, causing bad connections over time. Unfortunately the easy fix – retensioning the pins -, didn’t cut it.

You just got to love these amps, the silverface Princeton didn’t suffer too much from design changes that came with this era. Sometimes only a good tune up gets you the closest to the AA1164 Blackface, which is considered the holy grail Princeton Reverb. Check out why I use this amp on a daily basis.

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