Music Production

Does your melody need a song? Or does your song need a melody?

Does your song need those great sounding instruments that complement your vocal?

Does your production need a warm and detailed energetic radio-ready mix?

Or do you have a melody and would like to see it transformed into a fully ready production? 

Aldo Spadaro


I’m Aldo Spadaro and I’m a music producer with a passion for sound and authentic art. It’s an absolute joy being here, and to help you with your project. I’ve got a bachelor degree in music, and 17+ years of performing and studio experience. Check out the different services my studio provides and shoot a message! Looking forward working together!

What Service Would You Like?

Where does your production currently stand? What does it need? 

Create A song From Your Melody

Arrange and Record

Mixing & Mastering

Full Song Production

  • Get a snappy song structure, created from your Melody
  • Or get a powerful melody that lives happily in your song structure
  • Assistance in writing lyrics
  • Instruments arranged and / or recorded professionally. 
  • Layering and doubling of instruments
  • Mix-Ready edited stems provided as well as DI’s
  • Get a Radio-Ready and / or Stream-ready professional mix for your production
  • Stem provision if needed
  • Mastered in-house or externally
  • You will get a full song production.
  • Hands-off process from melody up to radio-ready master.
  • Personalized & customizable