How To Play Robben Ford’s Solo in ‘On That Morning’

In this video we learn how to play Robben Ford’s cool guitar solo in ‘On That’ Morning’. On That Morning a rootsy sounding tune with a cool theme based on an ancient preaching melody. 

We’ll analyse what’s going on in the solo to help you understand the ideas so you can use them yourself. 

The Epiphone Casino - 1966

For the recording, I’ve used my beloved 1966 Epiphone Casino, to replicate the tone of the Riviera Robben Ford uses. In general you could say with confidence that the Kalamazoo build Epiphones from the 1960’s are fantastic high quality instruments exactly on par with Gibsons from that era. 

I’ve also invited a few mates to track the full song, you can find that HERE.

Lesson MAterial

As always, I’ve made a transcription and a backingtrack to practice this cool solo with! 

You can find them here for a coffee, which will greatly support my creative efforts!

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