Recording Guitars

Does your song need those authentic, great feeling guitar recordings? That have groove, match your song production but feel edgy and original, with a fast turnaround, and guaranteed satisfaction?

I provide professional studio services, focussed on perfectly matching, tasteful and energetic recordings and music production. It’s an absolute joy being here, and to help you with your project. 

I’m specialized in Pop & Rock music from the 1960’s and 1970’s but also comfortable and experienced in recording acoustics, soul, funk, jazz and modern music styles 

How Does A Session Work?


  • Provide a HQ demo-mix without the desired guitar arrangement
  • If possible the project’s tracks, for a quality reference mix
  • Just express your wishes, link an example track or influence.
  • Shout a Yes or No for DI-Tracks if that applies for mix flexibility
  • Sit back and expect some nice results

I will

  • Listen to your demo and take notes
  • Make a plan to take your song to a higher level
  • Create the needed recordings, and let your hear the reference mix
  • Work out your feedback if any and implement changes
  • Provide the final product, edited and mix-ready

What Clients Say