when you need professional, great feeling recordings, like right now!


From my studio I passionately work with the right tools and dedication to deliver professional guitar recordings tailored to your production and wishes. Working on music brings people together. It’s great to form new working relationships and friendships and I’m grateful that this stuff has actually become my job!


EASY and fast workflow for you

It’s so simple, these days. For the most time-effective and smoothest process, you will send me a song, mixed without a to record arrangement. And/or a mix with a basic example, if you have specific wishes. Otherwise basic directions or a reference track will do. If you want to let me wear my creative coat and help arranging, carte blanche is the magic word.

Within short notice, I’ll send pre-edited, labelled, HQ wave files of the recordings made in the studio as well as a mix-down of the guitar arrangement together with your pilot mix, so you can hear how it sounds together. All of the tracks will line up in your DAW. If requested, DI’s tracks will come along. I can also record a video of the actual performance. 

teamwork for the best results

Warning, after a first listening you may get inspired as well…We can tweak the arrangement and/or express certain wishes if you want to have things a bit different. We’ll go up to 3 revisions of the recordings. You’ll always have the material of the other 2 to do help you in own post-production if needed.

my studio-setup and how I like to work

My experience comes from working in the music industry for over 15 years both as a live as well as a recording guitarist. I’ve run a guitar recording studio for about 10 years now. Both from a professional perspective as well as an audio enthousiast, I’m always working on developing my skills and improving my recording rig. 

My setup contains both the old-scool tube amp recording rig as well as a in-the-box setup. This gives me flexibility and a wider range of sounds.

want to know more?

For information and a quote, just shoot me an email with the contact form.