Looking for (online) guitar lessons, cause you want to able to improvise like a king?

Do you want to understand music theory? Want to be able to bridge pop, rock and jazz?
And do you want to get that magical tone out of your gear?

You came to exactly the right place, mate!

Hi, There!

I’m Aldo Spadaro, a recording and live guitarist and music teacher, based in the Netherlands. I teach guitar privately from my studio, live or through Skype, Zoom or other online platforms. 

Jazz, Pop or Rock and Roll, beginner or advanced, my lessons are friendly and tailored to help you improve both as a guitarist and musician. We work on core elements such as improvisation, technical skills, music theory and ways to get the most out of your playing rig.


The fee for one hour of online-lesson time is 50,- USD. Payment is met with paypal, and after that we schedule in a time. Cancellation of an appointment will be free of charge, if done at least 24h in advance.

You need to provide a healthy internet connection and we can choose to use either Skype, Zoom, or Googlemeet.