Looking for (online) guitar lessons, cause you want to able to improvise like a king?
Do you want to understand music theory? Want to be able to bridge pop, rock and jazz?
And do you want to get that magical tone out of your gear?

You came to exactly the right place, mate!

Hi, There!

I’m Aldo Spadaro, a recording and live guitarist and music teacher, based in the Netherlands. I teach guitar privately from my studio, live or through Skype, Zoom or other online platforms. My guitar lessons are designed help to guitarists seriously improve their skills, in a friendly fashion. We work on core elements such as improvisation, technique, music theory and guitar sound!

your goals, my experience

My 14 years of experience as a professional guitar teacher allowed me to work with an large variety of students and musicians with pleasure, and succes. I’m happy to learn about your goals and help you reach them. 

your practising help

We live in a time where time seems to be an very limited asset. Time management and organised, effective usage of time facsinates me. When it comes to studying guitar or music, there’s many ways to Rome. I’ve tried and failed but managed to come up with a study approach that have proven very effective. I’m happy to share my way of time-effective studying to you.

what will we do

In my courses we’ll work on things like improvisation, practical application of music theory and playing technique. I’ve got a great passion for sound and like to take a look with you in how to get the best sound out of our rig! 

In the end, it doesn’t matter which music style you’re playing and what gear we use for it. It matters how we can perceive something as ‘wow, that is very beautiful!’ by music being translated well in to our ears.


My own musical roots sit deeply in rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s. Strongest influences on the guitar for me are Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. They are a lot of Rolling Stones, but I like many other types of music and guitar styles too. Andy Summers, BB King, SRV, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, and many etc. from that era. When it comes to Jazz guitar, I cherish a love for the style of Joe Pass.

Studying music wides your horizon and has a strong positive effect on mental health. I honestly hope I’ll always stay a student of music. That’s means being open to ‘receive’ music if that makes sense. When it comes to playing and recording I try to channel my respect for heroes of music that has been around, but create something that can perceived as new, and unique.

let's go!

After an introduction, and clear goals in mind, we’ll set up a plan. We decide to work in separate lessons, or a fixed time in the week. Either way, we will schedule dedicated time work towards success!

For info on pricing and terms, contact me.