Learn Guitar Chords Fast – Chord-Freezing – An Effective Way Of Practicing Guitar Chords

When you’ve started out on guitar, learning all the new chords shapes and change them around quickly can be quite a struggle. In this video I’d like to share a method on chord practicing that I use when teaching guitar to beginning guitarists to help to learn guitar chords fast.


1:10 – Step 1 – Chord Shaping
2:33 – Step 2 – Chord Freezing
5:10 – Step 3 – Rinse & Repeat
6:18 – Chord Progression Exercise
9:04 – Bonus Exercise
10:56 – Practise Routine


The principle of chord freezing will hopefully help beginning and advanced guitar players. Mainly, the purpose is to help making the early stages of learning chords easier, more fun, and help learning how to practice effectively.


The main thought behind this effective method of practicing and exercise is that we will try to be economic with the way we let our fingers get accustomed to a certain posture. We will try to get them ‘programmed’ to find the desired one in a natural way. Because by spending the first thankful moments in that particular position we eliminate the time when the fingers search their individual positions. This way we will be able to learn guitar chords fast while also improving the way we switch them around.

We’ll put a few basic chords in a simple exercise and practice the changes. There’s also a bonus exercise we’ll check out to help out our fingers some more when needed.


I’ll also share a vision on dedicated practising and how to achieve positive results. We do this without a 24h a day military drill schedule. Instead we use repetitive short, focussed practice sessions while journaling our practice efforts. As an example, one might start out with 10 minutes a day on a chosen concept. This effective method of practicing, can yield positive results with little time invested. The daily 10 minutes will add up to a weekly hour of focussed yet light hearted practicing. Hopefully that will help to overcome challenges with more ease than one would think!

If there a certain guitar topic, you’d like to see covered, leave a comment or send me a personal message.

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