KEF Calinda’s are being restored from a make-over

Summer time is here, and it’s time to get some projects out of the way.┬áThis video is about restoring my KEF Calinda’s towards an original look. These suffered from a make-over that wasn’t going to fit the interior.

Further missing T27 tweeters and thick and muffling curtain-material over the baffles. So yeah, not good, however like this, you’ll be able to get a great deal on a set of these and they have great sonic potential. Warm but a tight low end. Bright and clear but not harsh. Just detailed, balanced and punchy! KEF Calinda’s sound truly stellar when set up right.

I’m definitely no wood worker or anything but I like to these kind of projects every now and then to get myself dirty, learn stuff and make terrible noise.

They came out pretty good after stripping, sanding, smoothing, staining, oiling, remounting drivers and making new baffles.

The general process can apply to speakers, furniture and other wooden stuff so maybe this can be useful to others as well

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So, not so much a music-related video, but stay tuned as I’m on it!

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