5e3 Tweed Deluxe Build – Finished

And it’s finished! The project was abandoned for a while but after digging in again for a couple of nights it’s done! It turned out a new power transformer was needed after all. I went for a Hammond 290AEX to do the job. The rest was more or less done with leftovers from the tiny-bits box and a small order to achieve completion at least.

A couple of details regarding the circuit: The values of the filter caps are: 30uf for the main filter cap, 22uf for the screen and the stock value of 16uf for the preamp. The cathode resistor value is 250Ohms, the stock value as well. The plate voltage is kept at a very descent low 330v thanks to the JJ 5y3 rectifier tube. V1 is a EH12AY7, V2 a JJECC83s and the speaker is a Jensen P12Q reissue.

I performed the fairly simple artificial center tap to the filament wiring to get rid of most of the 60hz idle hum. The instructions to this and many other useful modifications can be found here: https://robrobinette.com/5e3_Modifications.htm

The finished amp sounds very nice, has a pretty tight low end, yet has a open lively sound and the early breakup it’s well known for. Sound clips and/ or video’s will appear in the near future. Have a great weekend and till next time…


5e3 Tweed Deluxe Circuitry


JJ 6v6 output tubes and 5Y3 rectifier tube









5e3 Tweed Deluxe – Front


5e3 Tweed Deluxe – Back








Check out the rest of this project: http://www.aldospadaro.com/project-building-a-5e3-tweed-deluxe/

Check out my other projects: http://www.aldospadaro.com/projecten/

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Landmark 105 stopt

Na jaren samen muziek te hebben gemaakt en heel veel te hebben beleefd, hebben we besloten te stoppen als band. Logistiek was het lastig en uiteindelijk waren er ook persoonlijke onenigheden.

We willen je heel graag bedanken voor alle steun en support die je al deze jaren hebt gegeven! En we hopen je graag nog eens terug te zien bij één van onze toekomstige optredens in andere bands, want we gaan ieder onze eigen weg voortzetten op muzikaal vlak:

Liesbet & Tom gaan samen verder als Lies & the Truth

Aldo speelt bij Eva AlmagorAny Vegetable en Voyage Sans Fin

Kirsten speelt bij Mercy John

Fabian speelt bij Eva Almagor en Loes Swinkels

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Eva Almagor – While We’re Waiting (Single Release)

While we’re waiting is the first single of Eva Almagor’s debut album. wihich will be released March 2016!
Get the song here:
Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/whi…
Spotify https://play.spotify.com/track/6orRqZ…

Fabian Kraal – drums, percussion & backing vocals
Aldo Spadaro – guitar/acoustic guitar & backing vocals
Sybren van Doesum – horns & backing vocals
Jurrie Spoelstra – guitar/acoustic guitar/resonator & backing vocals
Teun Dillisse – piano, hammond, wurlitzer & synthesizer
Pim Walter – bass guitar
Eva Almagor- vocals
produced by Werner pensaert recorded at Audioworkx
mixed at Linster studios
mastering Cochlea Mastering BELGIUM
Eva Almagor – cover artwork
Eva Almagor – lyrics

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